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  • The name of the play:《Accidental Gangster》
  • Title: 

    Accidental Gangster



    Country or Region: 

    China mainland


    Duan Lianmin


    Li Rui

    Main Cast: 

    Guo Jinjie, Liu Hua, Luo Yan, Waise Lee, Yang Haoyu, Yang Xiaodan, Luan JunWei, Wang Wen, Geng Yizheng, Xin Xing

    Production Company:

    Beijing GooTime Media Co. Ltd., Tianjin GooTime Movie TV Culture Co. Ltd.


    With a heart set on achieving financial wealth, ambitious youngster Wu Liuqi ( played by Guo Jinjie) accidentally bump into various funky characters. After witnessing the pretentious debut of “Big Brother” Lin Chaoren ( played by Liu Hua ), and “Big Shot” Xu Jiang ( played by Waise Lee ), Wu Liuqi realized that the society is a jungle built with webs of “Tao Lu” ( schemes ). With no intention of messing around in the jungle, Wu Liuqi masterfully spins several “Tao Lu” and becomes the ultimate winner in “the game”.

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