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  • The name of the play:《The Sword Identity》
  • Title:

    The Sword Identity



    Director / Screenwriter:

    Xu Haofeng


    Song Yang / Zhao YuanYuan / Ma Jun / Yu Chenghui

    Year of Release:


    Production Company:

    Beijing GooTime Media Co. Ltd.


    During the Wanli period of Ming Dynasty, peace was restored in the realm after the elimination of Wo Kou (Japanese spies). In Frosty Leaf city, there are 4 major martial arts factions. Anyone that wishes to establish a new faction would need their universal approvals. One mystic youngster and his two companions came to the city to challenge the 4 factions with swords bearing resemblance to ones used by Wo Kou. They are stopped at the gates by the 4 factions and their actions incurred rounding up efforts of them. The news of invading Japanese spies quickly spreads across the realm. Swordsmen, imperial officers and soldiers all jump in the hunt. As the arrest is progressing, a top swordsman re-emerges, closely-guarded secrets of imperial officers and soldiers, the 4 factions, and dancers on floral boats are revealed one by one, the young swordsman argues with his companions due to differences in ideals. Who are these two swordsmen shrouded in mystery? What secret does the strange weapon conceal? What is the real reason the 4 factions were trying to round up the spies? What ineffable past clutches the heart of the re-emerged top swordsman? How would the four converging groups finally untangle their bizarre struggles? An action-packed tale of the search for Japanese spies awaits…

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Honorary Award

    2011 – 68th Venice International Film Festival  – Horizon Best Film (nominated)

    2011 – 48th Taipei Gold Horser Film Festival – Best Adapted Screenplay (nominated)

                                                                               Best New Director (nominated)

    2013 – 13th Chinese Film Media Awards – Best New Director (nominated)

Senior Team

    Director / Screenwriter: Xu Haofeng