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  • The name of the play:《Kill Time》
  • Title:

    Kill Time


    Romance / Thriller


    Fruit Chan


    Fruit Chan / Li Qianxun / Cai Jun

    Year of Release:


    Country or Region:

    China mainland / Hong Kong

    Main Cast:

    Yang Yin ( Angelababy ) / Ruan Jingtian / Zhang Chao / Rayza / Hao Lei


    White-collar Tian Xiaomai ( by Angelababy ) is about to enter holy matrimony with her fiancé Sheng Zan ( by Zhang Chao ). But her father’s death on duty shattered the serene happiness. While organizing her father’s things, Tian Xiaomai stumbles upon his investigation journals, and unexpectedly sinks into a decade-old case of suspicious death. This case reminds her of the tingling yet unforgettable first love in her younger days. Meanwhile Xiaomai learns of an online shop “Witch District” through her close friend Qian Ling ( by Rayza ), the shop sells everything you can imagine even romantic memories. However, after her purchase of a mysterious purple silk scarf, a string of accidents occur, all seems to be related with the cold case and the lover during her puberty — Qiu Shou ( by Ryan Jingtian ). Tian Xiaomai keeps looking for clues to the cold case, and searches for her first love, Qiu Shou, through “Witch District”. As the investigation gradually moves further, Tian Xiaomai discovers that her love is closelyconnected to that homicide case, which even involves the family of Sheng Zan. Time slips by like water with no way of turning back, could Tian Xiaomai rediscovers the indelible love, what secret would Qiu Shou bring back, where would the love and hate under the purple silk scarf lead…

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