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  • The name of the play:《A Cherry on a Pomegranate Tree》
  • Title:

    A Cherry on a Pomegranate Tree




    Chen Li


    Chen Li / Li Er

    Main Cast:

    Shi Chunlin, Ning Li, Miu Ting Ru

    Year of Release:


    Production Company:

    Beijing GooTime Media Co. Ltd.


    Kong Fanhua ( by Shi Chunlin) is the leader of Guanzhuang Village. Though a woman, Kong Fanhua is just as capable as the next guy, if not much better. During her tenure, everything in the village has been taken care of meticulously. A general election is just upon the heel. Hoping to get re-elected, Kong Fanhua passionately devote herself to “the battle”, even strategizing with her husband Zhang Dianjun ( by Ning Li ) who is working elsewhere to provide for the family.

    A villager’s unexpected pregnancy messes up Kong Fanhua’s plan, the villager’s disappearance setup an even big obstacle in the way of her “political ascension”. After a series of nearly farce-level ridiculous detours, people’s focus moves away from Kong Fanhua’s competitor, Meng Qinshu ( by Zhang Gang ). Meanwhile, much to Kong Fanhua’s surprise, the Secretary of Youth League Committee, Meng Xiaohong ( by Miu Tingru ), long thought to be an ally, turns out to be a major rival.

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    Shortlisted for Main Competition in the 34th Moscow International Film Festival in June 2012

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    Chen Li / Li Er


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